Bot For IWG: jcp portraits scholarship sweepstakes

Five hundred and ten (510) Instant Win Game Prizes:
(30): $100 jcpenney e-Gift Card.
(120): $25 jcpenney e-Gift Card.
(360): $10 jcpenney e-Gift Card.

Total Approximate Retail Value of all Instant Win Game Prizes: $9,600. (17) Instant Win Game Prizes will be awarded per day.Prizes to be awarded each day are: one (1): $100 jcpenney e-Gift Card; four (4): $25 jcpenney e-Gift Card; twelve (12): $10 jcpenney e-Gift Card. Total ARV of Instant Win Game Prizes awarded each day: $320


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  • Subscription
  • Catchall



  • No Win Limit
  • Uses Completely Random Info (You could even use or since the code gets saved to a txt file if you win)
  • Will Save Winning Source To "$amount - Email.txt"
  • If You Win You Will Also Receive A Email With Gift Card Info
  • Displays Decap Balance After Each Solve
  • Bot Will Continue On Win
  • Send Text On Win (Optional)
  • Bot Will Report Wins To Win Log
  • Stops On Completed Entries
  • Decaptcher Affiliate Rate Is $2.25 Per 1000 Captchas Solved (Ive used alot of decap testing bots in the last few days just trying to make some back)


  • None ATM