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Thread: 3 Steam accounts For Sale

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    3 Steam accounts For Sale

    Notes: TF2 that is in the steam account is purchased. I know its free to play, blah blah blah, keep the crap to yourself. These are my accounts, not stolen.
    I'll hand over all the account details, you can change whatever info you want.

    Price: Those that has Portal is $3, Without:$2.50 Also accept 1x $10 itunes or all 3 accounts

    Once you purchase something from me, you agree to this policy.
    DO NOT PM me asking sure "deal" than turn around and say "deciding to buy this or not." By making me wait for a week for your answer. Make sure your decision is certain or I will move to the next customer.

    If you send a pm do expect an answer immediately. I will pm you back with my PayPal email or whatever answers you need and if you don't respond in two days I will move to the next customer. If you are a previous customer that bought I might wait a bit longer. Sometimes **** happens like your are sick.

    If you don't like my offer than do a counter offer. Don't post here if you are not sure what my item is worth or be a ***** if my offer or sale price is not what you expected it to be. YOU ALWAYS CAN COUNTER OFFER!

    Also don't post here if you don't intend in selling your item that I am requesting. Don't ask me what I am doing with your item or asking me to spill secrets or thread crap in my thread.

    Payment is in Paypal- Use gift to avoid fees.. Their will be no refunds.
    My sale price/counter offer can change at any time without notice.

    You have a right not to purchase anything if you disagree with my policy.
    Just like using eBay and PayPal. If you use their service, you agreed to their terms. Likewise with this policy.

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