Since Superpoints closed down back in 2012 and just relaunched in June of this year I haven't seen a new post on this forum about it so I've decided to create one. Like Swagbucks you earn points for completing offers and in return get to redeem prizes for those points. It's fairly similar to how it was before. Play games for a few minutes and get rewarded points. Watch videos get rewarded more points. Survey = Points. Everything = Points. A new thing added is XP. The more Experience points you have the higher your membership is. Having a Higher membership provides more opportunities. You can request to be sponsored which may take a while or you can signup through invite which is instant.

If anyone needs an incentive to join I'd be willing to pay a dollar in amazon giftcard. The only thing I require is that you reach Bronze Lvl 3 membership which should only take a day to obtain and then I'd pay out.