As you all know we are invite only at the moment. I plan on keeping BottingForce this way as long as the community stays active and strong. That being said im starting up a referral service for new members. Pretty much going to go as follows

Invite new member(s) and if they subscribe within the first month i will pay you the following:

$3 Per new member if they purchase a 1 month subscription
$10 Per new member if they purchase a 6 month subscription

Now let me lay down a few ground rules

  1. Let me start with saying no duplicate accounts (don't invite yourself therefor trying to get a cheaper sub. This will result in a perm ban for all of your accounts)
  2. You are responsible for PMing me to claim your money. A simple pm that you would like to collect the funds for the people you have invited up that point and i will go through your invited members and send payment via PayPal based on those members that have subscribed (please provide PayPal address in pm).
  3. Payment will only be paid on the invited members first subscription whether it be a 1 month or 6 month. Any subscriptions purchased after that will not be paid out.
  4. This will be an ongoing thing until i decide it is no longer needed.
  5. Try your best to not invite people that will only pollute the community.
  6. You must use this link ( ) to invite members.

That pretty much sums up how this will work. Any questions feel free to post here.

Before anyone says anything about not wanting people invited etc. Think about how this could help the community. Karsden was invited to this site and look what he has done for the community. Hes built an awesome proxy checker, a great hotmail tool, as well as a few(and im sure more to come) bots for the community. There are people out there that can make us stronger.


Gameloader and Staff