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Thread: [Tool] Grab Full Hotmail List From Logins By Gameloader

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    [Tool] Grab Full Hotmail List From Logins By Gameloader

    This tool will help you grab a full list of Hotmail accounts from only logins. Let me try to explain further.

    Say you have a list that looks like this (for example if you export a list of hotmails from karsden email manager)

    but you need the passwords for those hotmails but the hotmails are in a huge list of over 20k hotmails and you dont want to go through them manually to get the passwords.

    Following these instructions for this tool

    1. In the left box put your list of logins only (for example an exported list from karsden email manager)
    2. In the center box put your full list of hotmail to search in (Loginassword format)
    3. The right side is going to be the list of your logins you needed with passwords in the following format: Loginassword
    4. Click copy to clipboard and your all set to do whatever you need to do


    Any questions feel free to hit me up
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