Just got this email and thought people would be interested:

Flint is a mobile app which enables you to easily accept credit and debit cards on the go without any extra dongles and without needing a merchant account. It uses the iPhone’s camera to securely scan the card numbers instead of having to physically swipe the card through a reader. The core benefits of the Flint mobile app are: ease of use (no dongles or merchant account hassles), easy customization, low fees for debit card charges, and integrated marketing tools. Flint has partnered with industry leading financial services companies to provide a reliable and secure payment platform.

Since you are a member of the Beta community, Flint will refund all transaction fees for your first $250 in charges – so it’s free for you to try it. Ordinary fees are 1.95% +$0.20 / transaction for debit cards and 2.95% +$0.20 / transaction for credit cards.

Flint has just successfully completed the first phase of beta testing and is looking for people to help them continue improving the application. In order to participate in this project, you must currently own an iPhone and will need to register in the Flint system with a simple profile. Here’s the link: