I made this awhile back and have released it on multiple sites.. I dont use it much but since you all like proxy promos...Here is C&P of my post on another site

I created this to check proxies against promos. Some promos dont allow certain countries and such. So this was a very helpful tool for me over the years. It is a combination of a proxy checking and a site viewer. It is a little slow due to checking proxies, but it is guranteed to get views. I figure most people will use it for that anyway.

Minimize to tray
Runs Silent
Checks proxy against site
Gets Site views
Threaded (Checks 30 at once)
Works with http or https
Uses WebRequests
Copy/Pastable text boxes
Mouse over tray icon to see how many have been checked

How to use:
  • Enter the proxies to check in the box on the left
  • Enter the site you wish to check against/get views for
  • Enter the proxy timeout(I would leave it at 60)
  • Enter into the Text box text to check for in the page

I would suggest viewing the page source of the fully loaded page you wish to use this with and then selecting something near the bottom that never changes.

Virus Scan: