Hey guys! So I want to begin working on a project that automatically schedules classes for me when I am able to register (usually 12a on a certain day). I am currently working on my computer science degree but I only have a basic understanding of c++, html, and sql. I would like this to be a web based program that multiple users can use. What should I begin studying to understand how to create such a website and how to interact with already existing websites? I appreciate all of your input. I left the basic instructions of what I want the website to do below. If this is a bad idea or you have any suggestions please also include those. Thanks so much guys!

User creates an account

User enters login information and logs in

User enters class CRNs (unique code for a class)

Website calculates when user can schedule

User selects when they would like to schedule

User pays fee

When user can schedule (12am), or when user wants to schedule, program submits form data to sign into the university website

Program then submits all class CRNs to sign up for classes

If an error occurs while signing up (i.e: prerequisites not met), user is emailed results

*Include step that ensure all requirements are met, and if not alerts the user that requirements need met or allow user to continue (assuming requirements are met)