Hey Everyone, I just signed up for this site a few days ago because I found an old Viggle thread. Unfortunately it was shut down because of bickering and name calling. I'm trying to avoid all of that nonsense. I have been using Viggle for about 2-3 months now and have been able to accumulate about $4k in giftcards with little effort. I have only used it on iOS. Here's what I currently know about Viggle:

You were previously able to block the ads from playing by denying connections to the their asset server. They tried to patch this with a forced upgrade for all users. This was easy to bypass by spoofing the version number and some other parameters in the plist. This is patched.

Using a proxy injection tool, you are able to force load any ad you want, which is cool because it eliminates the need to hunt for ads.

you can run up to 10 (more but you lose the screen real estate) on a single ipad but the video wont play at the same time.

Luckily the ad forcing still works and it hasn't been patched. Right now, if you block their assest server on the new (1.0.7) or anything older, you won't be able to accumulate points. I have a feeling they included some kind of hash checking now and a reporting feature to tell them when an ad doesn't play.

If anyone here would like to work together and find a way to block the ads while still gaining points, I'm all for it. I'm familiar with ARM, objective -c and some http.

Now I know this isn't really all about botting Viggle, me and my friend tried and the requests just don't credit. Anyway, hopefully something good can come out of this.