A friend of mine is big in the webmaster/admin world and he is giving away a ton of nice prizes on his site via a posting contest.. I figured if anyone here was looking to start a site or maybe has one and can use some of the prizes maybe youd be interested.. Here is copy and paste of his post.. Also they are giving away some nice theme designer prizes and stuff too..

Admin talk <---

The first Admin Talk Forum contest is from
July 16th to midnight October the 16th

This is an easy contest; all you have to do is post and post often!

We are using a points system to determine the winners; there will be five big winners at the end of the three months. We will also have a few monthly winners the first and second month to keep things interesting for those who may come into the contest late.

Let’s talk about the prizes first

  • The Big Donator is from PostLoop, they will be donating a total of 2,500 points that can be used to populate your forum or blog. (These may not be withdrawn for cash)
  • We have SEVERAL xenforo mods from @Mythotical
  • Speaking of xenforo, we have 2 mods from Naatan
  • We haven’t forgot about the vBulletin guys, we have 3 vBulletin Styles from CompletevB

Now we’ll talk about how you play

We’ve added a points mod, which is actually one of the prizes called MyPoints, which we will use to track the progress of the contest. These are the number of ways you acquire points on Admin Talk.

  • 12 points for every thread
  • 4 points for every reply
  • 500 characters or more in a reply and you’ll get a 150 point bonus
  • 10 points for every poll started
  • 20 points for adding an avatar
  • 3 points for every attachment you add to your post
  • 300 points to register
  • 1 point for every item you “like”
  • -2 point deducted for every item you “un-like"

Now we’ll talk about the winners.

In the middle of October we will have 3 big winners from the first ever Admin Talk Contest!

First place will get

  • 1,200 Postloop points
  • The choice of one of naatans 2 premium xenforo mods
  • 3 premium xenforo mods from @Mythotical

Second place will receive

  • 750 postloop points
  • The choice of the mod from naatan if left over
  • 3 premium xenforo mods from @Mythotical

Third place will win

  • 550 postloop points
  • 3 premium xenforo mods from @Mythotical

(We’re actually going to hold a contest within a contest to help new users coming into it late that feel they have no chance)

We will have 3 winners each month that we’ll count the points for only that month.
Those winners will have the option of one of Mythoticals xenforo mods or a style from CompleteVB.

Xenforo mods = MyPonts / MyShop / MyClassifieds

As always we're very thankful for our sponsors and this couldn't of been done without them.
Please take a few minutes to go check out their sites and products!

*One prize per winner.. in other words you're not going to get multiple license of the same script*
*If the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winners don't wish to receive any gifts, they will be offered to the 4th and 5th place users for each contest*